Hi! I’m Kelly.


I’m a healer, Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki, and meditation practitioner.

In between scoffing blueberries and watching house renovations shows, I help women transform their lives. Like a virtual cup of tea, I’m here to heal you. Pull up a chair. I’m listening.

Kell Casey will help you unlock your intuition
Soul Shift Intuitive Coaching

I trained as a Primary School teacher, and very quickly specialised in childhood trauma. My teaching career highlights have been introducing Selwyn the therapy dog into my hospital work and setting up the Kids Meditation Movement in Aussie schools, our wellbeing programs reaching over 70K amazing little humans.


I found mysef move towards a career in the intuitive sciences. Unable to suppress my 4th generation intuitve woo woo I create rapid transformations in the women who I am blessed to work with.

I am here to help women heal from toxic relationships and overcome trauma with my SIMPLE, RAPID and ‘Feel Good’ healing system that works from the subconscious level.

Are you ready?

Over the past

few years...

I’ve extended my teaching practice to work one on one with adult women who have experienced trauma in their relationships, are partnered with narcissists or have experienced grief or loss.

I love my one on one work and will I continue to do it but...

There’s so much
beauty in community.

When women band together, pop on the kettle and have a good old chin wag. You know how warm and fuzzy you feel with your girlfriends after that pamper session in a day spa? That’s what I am talking about. I knew I needed to create a space for this.

Soul Shift Intuitive Coaching

That’s what

Kell Casey

is all about.


It’s like a day spa for your soul. We use a combination of meditation and NLP processes, with a splash of Kinesiology, a dash of quantum healing and a good spell of positivity to create online soul remedies for toxic relationships, grief and loss and manifesting.


Our ultimate


Our goal is to take women who have been cracked open by life on a personal and targeted journey of transformation. Women who have pushed their boundaries of stress and toxicity and are looking for a positive approach to self care without spending years in expensive therapy on the thoughts merry-go-round.

Our remedies

Our remedies are a self paced healing system that takes them through this journey. The transformation creates a shift in awareness that allows these women to become informed by their life experiences rather than defined by them.

To be less burdened by the past and more alive to their potential. To take hold of the steering wheel of their very own Lamborghini rather than be a passenger in someone else’s crappy Camry.

To grasp the possibilities that only self acceptance and an unshakable sense of self can achieve.

Kell Casey is an Intuitive Coach and energy healer

As for me?

Kell Casey?


I’ll be here every step of the way. I’m a chatterbox from way back so I’m always available if you need to talk.

Xxx Kell

Top 5 Fun Facts About Me…

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I can do a perfect ‘Alf’ laugh from the 80s sitcom Alf - for real, it’s quite uncanny.

Kell Casey is a mum of three and spiritual entrepreneur

I have three kids and they are messy, wonderful, amazing and tiring.

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I’m unbelievably relaxed. The term ‘Go with the flow’ sums me up perfectly.

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My favourite movie is The Sound of Music and if you ever find me in a gazebo I WILL twirl around singing I am 16 Going on 17.

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If I could visit one place in the world right now it would be Ireland. Bring on those rolling green hills and pints of Guinness!