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Empress' are busy, spontaneous, always looking for adventure, delightfully scattered and inquisitive.

Your number one goal is life is to be satisfied and have your needs met in every way. Not too big an ask, right?

Freedom is your aim and happiness is your game. Umm... you are born FOMO and hate missing out on anything. We all know you need to keep yourself excited and occupied at all times in order to feel alive.

With boundless enthusiasm you really actually love most things. You approach life with an openness and a sense of adventure. 

You hold a HUGE capacity for creative endevours, you are a natural manifestor and attract next-level abundance when you use your gifts.

Natural entertainers, Empress' are articulate, creative and witty.

You are expression oriented and you love an audience - the bigger the better. It’s not all about being centre stage for an empress like you though - you love shared experiences so creating a podcast and interviewing guest experts' is something you would nail!.... just saying!

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The good news

about being an
Empress is

An Empress is the human embodiment of happiness and light.

You notice everything and take pleasure in the small and big delights of the universe. 

You love to entertain and relish the attention. You are socially engaged and love a chat.

Quick with a witty comeback you have top notch verbal skills and are a full body speaker. 

Empress' love to share their wisdom and anecdotes.

You have an uncanny way of being attractive to everyone who meets you. That’s the beauty of sparkling from the inside.

Natural community builders, Empress' are inclusive and you always find a way to bring people together. You are a natural at using podcasts to share your message, or lead a mastermind community into greatness. 


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the bad news is..


You’re ready to be initiated into a new way of living, a new way of operating your business. 

You’re about to be initiated into the energy of manifestation. 

You’re about to unlock your true potential.

But YOU have to make the choice to enter your next stage.

Deep within you know & understand this but chances are you're struggling to ground your gifts and your spiritual awareness into your daily life. This can feel depleting & leave you feeling unsafe, neglected & empty from deep within

You may experience feelings of lack, from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective

Often, you can feel frustrated and blocked beacuse you know you came here to serve the world but you struggle to access or truly understand what your unique gifts are and how to unlock them fully.

Maybe, you feel depleted, stressed and burnt out?  Empress' are often unable to say no to themselves which leads to constant movement and inability to sit still. 

This can lead to you experiencing the same old patterns and behaviours on repeat. The spiral is draining!

Beautiful Empress, these qualities often lead to relationship issues of co-dependency, or choosing emotionally unavialble partners who leave you feeling emotionally unsatisfied.

The bottom line is: You have a deep inner knowing that something within needs to change, but you may not prioritise the spiritual tools you already have on a day to day basis.

It's time to focus on one tool such as self hypnosis ( while you sleep) so that you can rewire all of those old beliefs and subconscious thoughts. The best part is this won't interefre in your social life and you will wake up with a fresh perspective in the morning.

Your Soul style as an


You daily life can be challenging and time consuming. It's hard to take time out, so press play on a self hypnosis as you drift to sleep at night, or when you wake first thing in the morning.

You are a spiritually evolved soul and you know how to bust old stories and patterns. You know how to seperate fact from BS stories you often tell yourself...

You totally get that wherever your attention goes, energy flows...

You are a spiritual powerhouse, but unless you constantly shift and adjust your vibration to reflect this, you can find yourself depleted and stuck and well, unfulfilled...

And nobody should put an Empress in the corner...

There’s a shift happening within you right now...

You’re being called into your authenticity so you can live a life that’s in complete alignment with who you’re becoming.

You may be feeling a deep calling to come home to yourself.

It may feel like a niggle, where you’re questioning if this is really how you wish life to continue. 

Or maybe, your inner voice has been growing louder and deeper – a sign that those relationships, career, or social structures you’ve been heavily attached to are no longer aligned with who you’re becoming or where you’re being led. 

A new cycle is welcoming you. 

It’s safe to step into the unknown Empress.

The Universe will support you during the endings of this current cycle and shine her light on the pathway of new beginnings. 

And the best bit is that you don't need to hire another life coach or stay stuck in unhealthy patterns..

If you're ready to clear out the old stories of depletion, obligation and suffering, and tune-in to your inner truth instead, I recommend the Cord Dissolving Meditation that has helped thousands of Empress' remove negative attachments to people or situations, standing in their way of living a soul-led life.

Cord Dissolving

cord dissolving


Clear your blocks and open your intuitive channel to receive soul guidance.  


The DISSOLVE & CLEAR Meditation Audio


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You are entering a great period for manifestation, however to bring in the space for the things we are ready to manifest or materialise, we need to clear space.

Over the past 2500 years women have been pleasing others, self sacrificing and giving without receiving.

This has cost the lives of many women before us in loss of potential, unreached dreams, not being allowed to speak their truth, or fight for their cause or impact from a place of feeling safe and supported.

We often find ourselves feeling the desire to work and live out our dreams and have our partners share an equal load around the parenting and care duties, domestic duties, yet the imbalance is still very real.

Many of us, as women, when we operate from this space of resentment, fear or anger are operating from that masculine energy that has dominated the planet, which is causing a huge blockage in our base chakra.

It’s time as a collective of women that we begin to tap into our intuition more, to allow ourselves to trust that guidance and to live from a place of feminine energy.

It’s time to give yourself permission to come home to yourself, and lean into what your soul is whispering to you.

To dissolve energy blocks and to connect more deeply with your femininity.

So you can be bold.

Be colourful.

Be expressive within.

And embrace the bittersweet.

All of the tools you need to get this done, pronto, are here.

Cord Dissolving

cord dissolving


Clear your blocks and open your intuitive channel to receive soul guidance.  


The DISSOLVE & CLEAR Meditation Audio


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Famous Empress

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Kelly has the natural ability to put a person at ease instantly - this helped me to not only open up to her, but to also allow my own mind to open up to receive.

I came to Kelly for help with confidence, particularly the "impostor syndrome" that I know impacts so many women in business. It was limiting my potential for earnings and growth in business but also preventing me from even seeing the possibility of how far I could go and what I could achieve.

Since working with Kelly, I've been able to quickly move from a state of fear and disbelief in my own potential to have the confidence and certainty that my success is inevitable.

I'm about to launch a new product that I know will catapult my earnings exponentially and elevate my brand beyond any previous expectations. From writing the sales page and emails to putting together the program itself, it all feels positive and effortless now that I'm aligned at every stage.

Mim Jenkinson

With so many people offering ‘transformation’ from emotional, physical and financial pain, Kell is the real deal!

She is warm, genuine, funny and down to earth. Big ideas, huge possibilities for transformation, all presented in an easy-going and practical way.

Her professional toolbox is full and in our sessions together she used every one of these with a wise and generous heart. I laughed with delight when she started channelling the energy of an important person in my life, getting the details exactly right and then she said to me quite casually, “Oh, did I tell you I was also a clairvoyant?" Um, no! But give me more!

Over the years I have seen a lot of professionals and Kell has by far given me the best results. But more than this, I really felt that she was in my corner. If you are wanting ‘transformation’ or to understand something in your life in new and super exciting ways, Kelly is your woman.

Fleur Chambers

Working with Kell has had a profound effect on me. She rapidly transformed some blocks I had around launch. She was able to identify the exact ages in my childhood that certain ‘stories’ and beliefs began limiting me and pulled them ‘out at the roots’. Kell recorded a 21 Day meditation for me and it has had an incredible impact on my identity within my business and beyond. Her coaching using Rapid Transformational Therapy has upleveled how I view myself, my relationships and where I am heading in my business.

Amy Cox

I had a 1:1 VIP session with Kell and I felt more alive and excited than I had in a long while. Kell was able to pinpoint a block that I had never considered. She was amazing to work with.

I feel so blessed she has come into my life.

Georgia Harding

Kell was amazing. Her session was powerful and allowed me to understand why I keep repeating the same patterns over and over in my life and business.

After one session I had an amazing shift and have been able to show up to my clients in a way that I couldn't have done without investing in this personal and professional development.

Bonny Marsh