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Straight up - Non-Conformists do not like being told what to do. They hate being under the control of others and their greatest motivation is to protect themselves from circumstances such as these.

They’re strong, they have courage and determination. They can achieve anything they put their mind to. Non-conformists are also known as heroes or mavericks. Always on the front line, willing to go to battle for what they believe in. 


The good news

about being a
Non-Conformist is

Non-Conformists are action oriented which means by default they’re down to earth. They never shy away from an argument and they’re front and centre kind of gals. Head fronting the battle like Joan of Arc with their giant swords. 

They are protective and resourceful - they’ll protect their tribe with their last dying breath. Decisive and straight talking, everyone knows where they stand with a Non-Conformist. No need to guess how a Non-Conformist feels about them - it will be written all over their face.

With a straight-forward and daring personality, when they enter the room, everyone notices. Tales of their noble actions precede them. They love a challenge and will fight for any cause they believe in. Non-Conformists have an incredibly strong sense of justice and can often be found yelling at strangers about the importance of closing the pay gap and the rights of refugees.



the bad news is


They tend to come at life as if everyone is challenging them to a fight which can lead to people getting the wrong impression of them.

Ego is extremely important to Non-Conformist, more so than other archetypes and they’ll go to any lengths to protect it. Sometimes in their quest for justice they can come across as intimidating and aggressive.

Your relationship style as a


Non-conformists can be wonderful partners they just need to be aware of their faults - as do all archetypes. As a partner Non-Conformists are inspiring, they have infectious energy and they bring a lot of positive power to their relationships. 

Being with a Non-Conformist can mean losing the battle most of the time to keep the Non-Conformist happy. Sometimes this is okay - depending on the archetype of the partner - an important thing to note for particularly headstrong Non-Conformists. 


Try This


Non-Conformists should try allowing their partner to win an argument, even if it’s just a small one. They’re still in control - they could have won if they wanted to, they just chose to quietly back down to see what happened.

They should also try to reframe the relationship and look at it as a partnership rather than a battle. People in relationships are supposed to support each other. It should be the partnership against the world, not the partnership against each other.

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Kelly has the natural ability to put a person at ease instantly - this helped me to not only open up to her, but to also allow my own mind to open up to receive.

I came to Kelly for help with confidence, particularly the "impostor syndrome" that I know impacts so many women in business. It was limiting my potential for earnings and growth in business but also preventing me from even seeing the possibility of how far I could go and what I could achieve.

Since working with Kelly, I've been able to quickly move from a state of fear and disbelief in my own potential to have the confidence and certainty that my success is inevitable.

I'm about to launch a new product that I know will catapult my earnings exponentially and elevate my brand beyond any previous expectations. From writing the sales page and emails to putting together the program itself, it all feels positive and effortless now that I'm aligned at every stage.

Mim Jenkinson

With so many people offering ‘transformation’ from emotional, physical and financial pain, Kell is the real deal!

She is warm, genuine, funny and down to earth. Big ideas, huge possibilities for transformation, all presented in an easy-going and practical way.

Her professional toolbox is full and in our sessions together she used every one of these with a wise and generous heart. I laughed with delight when she started channelling the energy of an important person in my life, getting the details exactly right and then she said to me quite casually, “Oh, did I tell you I was also a clairvoyant?" Um, no! But give me more!

Over the years I have seen a lot of professionals and Kell has by far given me the best results. But more than this, I really felt that she was in my corner. If you are wanting ‘transformation’ or to understand something in your life in new and super exciting ways, Kelly is your woman.

Fleur Chambers

Working with Kell has had a profound effect on me. She rapidly transformed some blocks I had around launch. She was able to identify the exact ages in my childhood that certain ‘stories’ and beliefs began limiting me and pulled them ‘out at the roots’. Kell recorded a 21 Day meditation for me and it has had an incredible impact on my identity within my business and beyond. Her coaching using Rapid Transformational Therapy has upleveled how I view myself, my relationships and where I am heading in my business.

Amy Cox

I had a 1:1 VIP session with Kell and I felt more alive and excited than I had in a long while. Kell was able to pinpoint a block that I had never considered. She was amazing to work with.

I feel so blessed she has come into my life.

Georgia Harding

Kell was amazing. Her session was powerful and allowed me to understand why I keep repeating the same patterns over and over in my life and business.

After one session I had an amazing shift and have been able to show up to my clients in a way that I couldn't have done without investing in this personal and professional development.

Bonny Marsh

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